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About DiD HK Limited

Dialogue Experience Dark

Darkness is the complete absence of light. In the dark, whether your eyes are open or closed, you seethe same thing: nothing.

In our everyday life, vision accounts for over 70% of the information our brain receives. Loss of vision puts participants outside their comfort zones and creates an opportunity for reflection.

In the dark, participants willl earn to for go previous biases and assumptions to innovate and find new ways towork together, support each other, and to overcome their own fears and uncertainties.

This change from light to dark stimulates crises or changes in everyday life, and often the lessons learned inthe dark can be positive attitude and support, even darkness can become fun and exciting. 

Dialogue Experience Silence

During our silent programs we take away the participants’ ability to hear and speak. This experience can beinitially difficult, frustrating and over whelming.

Under the guidance of Deaf trainers, with our specially designed games and activities, we show participants that silence can be exciting, fun and insightful.

A key element in silence is to understand that communication is more than speech and words. A majority of our daily communication is non-verbal. An expression, a body gesture, our emotions– they all play an important part in communicating.

Participants in silence willfind creative ways to communicate, displaying a range of expression and emotionthat they didn’t think they had. Eventually, by the end of the programfrustration is replaced with smiles and laughter.

DE Empower

DE Empower provides graduated PoDs with a 6-month job immersion experience via trainings and real business project to enable and empower them to fit into the business segment. 

Besides lining up suitable PoD candidates with corporate, events and training program are customized to equip PoD with better business skills and to enhance the mutual understanding between PoD and corporate, aiming to match suitable employment for PoD and employers.

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*Remark: The concept of "Dialogue in the Dark" and its related trademarks are the intellectual property of Dialogue Social Enterprise.