and create a culinary journey that challenges your taste buds and your table manners. Dinner in the Dark has to be one of your experience in a life time.  In addition to the regular bookings, you can book a Dinner in the Dark as a corporate event or a private one with your love one.



The concept was presented for the first time at the theatre festival in Avignon in 1993. “Dark/Noir” was a production by Michel Reilhac and our Dinner in the Dark is a development that emerged from this fruitful cooperation. Many restaurants try to copy our concept. The original Dinner in the Dark can only be found in these Dialogue hubs worldwide:


Taste of Darkness, Dialogue in the Dark, Hyderabad, India

Taste of Darkness, Dialogue in the Dark, Bengaluru, India

Dark Dinners, DialogueMakers, Ahmedabad, India

Lunch in the Dark, Dialogue in the Dark, Singapore, Singapore

Dinner im Dunkeln, Dialog im Dunkeln, Vienna, Austria

Dinner in the Dark, Dialog im Dunkeln, Hamburg, Germany

TrattoNero, Dialogo nel Buio, Milano, Italy

Cuisine in the Dark, Dialogue in the Dark, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dinner in the Dark, Dialogue Experience, Hong Kong, China

Cenas en total oscuridad, Diálogo en la Oscuridad, Monterrey, Mexico


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Unit B, 7/F, D2 Place 1, 9 Cheung Yee Street, Cheung Sha Wan


Bilingual (Cantonese/English)


Standard Price: $950 for each

Enquiries & Reservation

Phone / Whatsapp: (852) 2310 0833

Wechat ID: did_hk

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a set meal for vegetarians?
Yes, please let us know your preference when reserving on our online booking form.

2. Can food allergies and food incompatibilities be considered?
Yes! However, it is important that you inform us about your allergy or incompatibility - and then we will prepare your surprise meal accordingly.

3. What is the seating plan? Will I be able to sit with my friends?
We have 4 tables of 6, so there is the possibility you will make making new friends during dinner. If you have booked in a group we will automatically seat all members of the group together. On the day of the event, if you wish to sit together with another group at a table, it will be first come first serve in regards to choosing tables, and we will try our best to accommodate all participants.

4. Are the restrooms in the dark as well?
No. Please let our staffs know and you will be guided to the restrooms and back to your seat afterward.

5. Can we host a dinner for private use?
Sure, please contact us for more information (min. participants: 12 person ).



1.  The following people are NOT Allowed to join the tour due to safety issues:

  • Aged under 5 (Aged 5-8 MUST be accompanied with an adult [paid visitor])
  • Pregnant
  • With heart disease or related diseases
  • With Claustrophobia
  • Severe mental illness / mental retardation / autism
  • Feeling uncomfortable, taking medicine or alcoholic drinks before tour

2.  Visitors will be provided free secure lockers to keep their personal belongings.
3.  Please refer DIALOGUE IN THE DARK EXHIBITION POLICIES & SAFETY ADVICE for more informations.
4.  Tickets sold are non-exchangeable, non-refundable after the transaction is completed and void if expired.

5.  In case of less than 10 tickets are sold, the Dinner in the Dark open session will be cancelled. All sold tickets will be refunded.